Chocolate Mousse of the Gods’ – GF, DF, P, V

This recipe was actually supposed to be a secret. An old friend of mine in Vancouver passed it along as a pencil-written note on scrap paper, from memory. The origins of which she never shared. According to her, the recipe was never printed in any searchable way and was to be passed along this way. I’ve kept that going for years. Make this for friends and you’ll get asked for the recipe non-stop, I guarantee. Don’t give in, keep the secret alive 😉

3     avocados
½   cup maple syrup
1      tablespoon real vanilla extract
1 ½ tablespoons cocoa butter or coconut oil
¾    cup raw carob powder
4      tablespoons cocoa powder

Blend avocados, maple syrup and cocoa butter/oil (if using oil, melt first). Spoon in powders and blend until creamy and no lumps remain. Serve with your favourite fruit on the side! OMG.