Your first visit with me will be longer than most follow ups, usually about 90 minutes. I will ask you to discuss your chief concern(s) in detail and will also ask you a series of questions on other body systems, understand your health history and goals for treatment and possibly perform some physical exams.

The more information I have before we meet for the first time, the better.

I ask every new patient to take some time to fill out the online intake forms and submit those at least a few days before your scheduled appointment. This way you can take your time filling out the information at your own pace and there is no need to show up much earlier than your scheduled visit. These forms will allow us to take more time discussing your concerns and addressing your questions when we meet in person, rather than trying to collect all that information on the spot. The more you can share before your appointment (including any relevant lab work you have copies of, lists of medications you’re on, etc.), the more you will be able to get out of your first visit.


Following our first visit, we will schedule your follow up a week or two from that date. I take your case home and really think about what treatment strategies would both be most effective for you while at the same time working within the bounds of your personal preferences and constraints. That’s not to suggest you’ll always love my plan for you (!) but you can rest assured that much research, thought and care has been taken in putting it together.

Your second visit, then, is where we discuss the various aspects of the initial Treatment Plan I’ve drawn up for you. Generally speaking, there will always be some dietary and/or lifestyle changes suggested, laboratory testing options offered, as well as supplements and/or botanicals recommended. It’s important to note that, regardless of my initial plans for you, you are always the one in the driver’s seat when it comes to your health. Everything is an open discussion, and I always welcome my patients to tell me if something won’t work for them or if a modification is required.

Your third visit usually comes 3-4 weeks later, once you’ve had the chance to implement one or more of the strategies and to allow some time for any laboratory testing to come in. We will assess any such lab results, adjust supplements, botanicals if need be, and troubleshoot any sticking points or challenges with respect to diet and lifestyle interventions. In this visit, we will also continue to address any concerns not originally discussed.

Sometimes follow ups will be progress checks, sometimes they will include new treatment strategies or options moving forward, and sometimes they will be entirely dedicated to the treatment itself (an acupuncture or hydrotherapy session, for example).

It’s important to appreciate that you are the one doing the healing. As I tend to repeat often, dietary and lifestyle changes are always recommended and are, in almost every case, the real launching pad to feeling better. Follow up visits will help keep your treatment perfectly adjusted to your changing needs, but they are also helpful in keeping you accountable.

The exact number of visits you will need to help resolve your chief concern(s) is, of course, entirely case dependent, but as you are feeling better, know that the progress checks become shorter and much less frequent.

Once you are feeling well, seasonal check-ins are a great way of preventing illness and keeping you in optimal health. 


AJAX Clinic — Family Chiropractic & Homeopathic Centre (570 Westney Rd. S #6)

Mondays   9:30-2:00

Wednesdays   10:00-5:00

Thursdays   12:00-5:00

OSHAWA clinic — Fundamentals Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic (1383 Wilson Rd. N)

Tuesdays   9:30-4:30 / 12:00-8:00 (alternating)

Fridays   9:30-3:00

(All non-acupuncture appointments available VIRTUALLY or IN CLINIC)


1. Initial Consult (up to 90 min) – $240
2. Personalized Treatment Plan (up to 75 min) – $210
3. Treatment Plan Fine Tune (up to 60 min) – $175

Re-Initial* (up to 75 min) – $210

Progress Check (~60 min) – $175
Progress Check (~45 min) – $135
Progress Check (~30 min) – $95
Quick Question / Check In (~15 min) – $50

Acupuncture (~45 min) – $95
Acupuncture + check in (~60 min) – $135

*Required when your last visit was over 1 year ago

Naturopathic visits are not covered under OHIP but are very often covered under extended health benefit plans.

Regardless of the visit ‘type’, your invoice will always say ‘Naturopathic Services’ – unfortunately we cannot claim a TCM visit as ‘Acupuncture’.

Please check with your health insurance provider to see what is covered for you.

Cancellation Policy:
Patient care is our highest priority – adhering to bookings and scheduled appointment times is thus of utmost importance. Please note that we require at least 24 hours notice for cancellations.  No shows or missed visits lacking the appropriate cancellation window will be charged $50 the first time and the full visit fee on any subsequent no-show or missed appointment.

Email / Phone Consultations:
Emailed queries that require medical advice from Dr. Ana Candia, ND, will be charged a fee ($30+). If you do not require a response, are updating contact information, need brief clarification on ongoing treatment, or are requesting supplement refills, no fee will be charged. This fee does not apply to communication between Dr. Ana and other health care practitioners concerning the care of a common patient.

In-person appointments are always strongly recommended in lieu of email consults, wherever possible.
Phone appointments are also available and billed for duration of the call, as per fee schedule indicated above.